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active LM delivers its services with love and dedicating itself to the remodeling of homes such as bathrooms, kitchens, painting and total construction of these according to the wishes and needs of the client. our team will be ready to give the best of us in each space that they trust us with, our priority is your satisfaction and we will be willing to help you in whatever you need. Call us or write us to send you a quote.


what motivates us

Our vision as a Tiny Home Construction Company is to become a leading provider of sustainable, affordable, and custom-built tiny homes that empower people to live a simpler, more intentional lifestyle. We envision a future where everyone has access to a comfortable and functional living space that meets their unique needs, without sacrificing quality or style. We aim to be at the forefront of innovation in the tiny home industry, utilizing cutting-edge technology and sustainable materials to create homes that are both eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. We envision a world where our tiny homes contribute to a more sustainable future, where people can live in harmony with the environment while enjoying the benefits of modern living. Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with a personalized, stress-free experience that results in a home they can be proud of - a home that allows them to live their best life.

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